You must do several things before you drive a car or ride a motorcycle. These include apply for a driving licence, registering your vehicle and making sure it’s insured, paying vehicle tax and getting an MOT.

Showing your driving documents

If a police officer asks you to, you must be able to show:

  • your driving licence
  • a valid insurance certificate
  • a valid MOT certificate (if your vehicle needs one)

If you don’t have your driving licence documents with you at the time, you may be asked to take them to a police station within 7 days.

Changes to personal or vehicle details

You must tell DVLA if you:

  • want to change your name on your driving licence
  • want to change your address on your driving licence
  • make any alterations to your vehicle
  • sell your vehicle
  • have or develop a medical condition
  • have a disability
  • need to renew your driving licence
  • need to apply for a provisional licence
  • need to apply for a new licence if you lost or had stolen your previous driving licence